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Crazy Class Week


Try all the classes that you can in 1 week!

From August 22-27 every Motion Studio student is welcome to try every single class that is in their age range and ability level INCLUDING PRIVATE MUSIC LESSONS (pending availability).  Here’s how.

1)  Print out your CRAZY CLASS WEEK FORM or pick one up at the front desk.

2) Ask someone at the front desk help you make a list of all the classes that you would like your child to try during FREE CLASS WEEK.

3) When your child takes the classes, ask the teacher to initial the form.

4)  After they have done all of their free classes, help your child fill out the bottom of the form.  Turn the form in at the front desk by August 31 .

Students get to pick a prize for EVERY new class that they try AND get entered to win a month free in the new class of their choice! (Free class must be one the student is not currently enrolled in.)

Happy dancing, tumbling, singing and playing!


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