Intermediate Level Classes

All intermediate level classes require instructor’s approval to join. If you are new to Motion Studio, please contact us to set a trial class for placement.

Ballet 5 | Ages 9 and up

Level 3 of American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum. Dancers progress their technical understanding, strength and speed. More jumps, turns and leaps are introduced as well as added focus on building toward future pointe-work and more complex choreography.

Jazz/ Tap 5 | Ages 9 and up

Level 3 jazz technique and Grades 4-5 tap moves to age-appropriate music. Prepares students for confidence and success in theatre auditions, hip hop, contemporary dance and life! (Dancers should complete Jazz/ Tap 2 before joining Jazz/ Tap 3.)

Contemporary 2 | Ages 10 and up

Level 2 Contemporary Dance. Free dance style that focuses on using momentum, balance, fluidity, and the design of motion to move. More grounded and explores all levels and dynamics of moving while emphasizing correct posture, alignment, and technique.

Acro 3| Ages 10 and up

Acro Dance incorporates the fluid movements of dance with the exciting tricks of acrobatics. This class is designed for students that can perform handstand to bridge recover and back bend kick over with an adequate level of mastery. We will introduce partner tricks, prep for tinsicas, and work on connecting our Acro skills in fluid combinations.

Junior Company | Ages 9 and up

Motion Studio provides an opportunity for dancers that show drive and passion to study in a pre-professional setting as a member of the Motion Studio Company. Participation is by invitation only. Dance students that have been at Motion Studio for more than one year must have exhibited exceptional dance abilities, good classroom conduct and attendance, reliability, accountability, and a love of performance. The Motion Studio Company is committed to our mission and standards regarding teamwork, commitment, accountability and positive attitudes.

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Teacher in Training Program | Ages 11 and up

Dancers who have danced at Motion Studio for at least one year and are at least 11 years old are encouraged to apply for our Teacher in Training Program. Students that are accepted will apprentice under Motion Studio Faculty to assist with younger level classes.

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