Children's Dance Classes

Thank you so much for considering Motion Studio as your dance, and music home. Here is a list of classes along with their descriptions, and age range suggestions. They are presented in order of age and ability group to show the general order that they should be taken in.

Our offerings are open to customization depending on the interests and needs of each individual student. As ballet is the foundation of all dance technique, we do focus our curriculum on solid ballet technique. Class placement is based on both age and ability.

Baby sat next to a ballerina in en pointe pose

The age ranges listed below are generalizations and students that are older may still be an appropriate fit for a younger class. It is not uncommon for students to repeat any given level. We will recommend that students repeat a level until they are proficient in that level to ensure success and confidence in subsequent levels.

At the beginning levels of training, we combine some styles into the same class for fun and well-rounded training that is convenient for the family and not overwhelming for the student. As the dancer ascends to higher levels of training, styles are broken out into individual classes for more thorough study.

Progress reports with placement suggestions and teacher feedback are given out at the end of each school year. Each level of each class has a set of skills that students must become proficient in before moving on to the next level. The success of each student is our number one priority.

Preschool & Kinder Levels

Ages 4 months - 6 Years

Our youngest dancers focus on ballet based creative movement to enhance coordination, balance, motor skills and listening skills, while practice positive self-expression, following directions, and cooperating in a group setting. These classes are great preparation for all other dance styles and for school!

Class offerings:
  • Move With Me | Ages 4 months – 3 years *A Parent and Child Class*
  • Preschool Dance | Ages 3 – 5
  • Preschool Tumbling | Ages 3 – 5
  • Kinder Ballet/Tap Combo | Ages 4 – 6
  • Kinder Acro | Ages 4 – 6
  • Happy Hip Hop | Ages 4 – 6

Primary Level

Ages 5 - 10 Years

Our Primary Level Combo classes are great introductions to correct dance technique. Hip hop and Jr. Acro classes are great taken alone or in combination. Many Primary classes appear back-to-back on the class schedule for convenience.

Class offerings:
  • Ballet/Tap Combo 1 | Ages 5 – 8
  • Ballet/Tap Combo 2 | Ages 6 – 9
  • Hip Hop 1| Ages 5 – 8
  • Acro 1 | Ages 6 – 10

Elementary Level

Ages 7 Years & Up

In our Elementary Level classes students expand on their technical training and begin to develop their artistry as dancers. With a wide variety of Elementary class choices, students can become well-rounded dancers!
Class offerings:
  • Combo 3 Ballet/Tap/Jazz | Ages 7 – 10
  • Ballet 4 | Ages 9 & up
  • Jazz/Tap 4 | Ages 9 & up
  • Contemporary 1 | Ages 9 & up
  • Acro 2 | Ages 7 – 12
  • Hip Hop 2 | Ages 8 & up
  • Mini Dance Company
  • Teacher in Training Program

Intermediate Level

Ages 9 Years & Up

All intermediate level classes require instructor’s approval to join. If you are new to Motion Studio, please contact us to set a trial class for placement.

Class offerings:
  • Ballet 5| Ages 9 & up
  • Jazz/Tap 5 | Ages 9 & up
  • Contemporary 2 | Ages 10 & up
  • Acro 3 & 4 | Ages 10 & up
  • Junior Company | Ages 9 & up
  • Teaching in Training Program

Advanced Level

Ages 10 Years & Up

All advanced level classes require instructor’s approval to join. If you are new to Motion Studio, please contact us to set a trial class for placement.

Class offerings:
  • Ballet 6 and up
  • Pre-Pointe
  • Pointe
  • Jazz 6 and up
  • Tap 6 and up
  • Contemporary 3 and up
  • Hip Hop 3
  • Company
  • Teacher in Training Program